Mason Hayes & Curran Green Business Plan

Eligibility Criteria

All participants are expected to comply with these rules. However, DCU recognizes that no set of rules can apply to every circumstance and therefore reserves the right to determine eligibility or to disqualify any team / individual that it determines to be in violation of the mission or spirit of the Competition.

o Students (part-time or full-time) can enter as teams of up to a maximum of 4. Individual students / post docs / research assistants may also enter.

o Teams will have the option to include relevant individuals from outside DCU, however, each team must have a minimum of one currently registered DCU student.

o Students may participate in only one team.

o DCU staff and faculty are excluded from entry to the Competition except Post Doctoral Researchers and Research Assistants.

o Nature of Business Idea - the competition is for new innovative independent ventures in seed and start-up growth stage. No business plan may be submitted for existing companies.

o All participants need to demonstrate the environmentally friendly aspects of their idea.

o Business ideas relating to the following are excluded from the Competition: real estate syndications, tax shelters, franchises and acquisitions of other businesses.

o All participating teams must follow DCU’s code of the ethics when collecting data for research purposes.


Participants should be aware that neither DCU nor its appointed judges will be required, nor should they be asked, to sign non-disclosure agreements (NDA). DCU will ask all who view the business plans to abide by the University’s Code of Ethics. Participants are encouraged to be selective about what they disclose, to label plans and contents with the words - CONFIDENTIAL AND PROPRIETARY. Participants should note that during the Competition their ideas will only be exposed to a select panel of judges.

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